Suppose someone said to you, “Life has no meaning; but we can find meaning through our values and goals.”

lead_960If the universe has no meaning, then there is no reason to have values or goals apart from furthering your own agenda. In that case, those who torture innocent children are just as “right” as those who feed and clothe the starving and homeless. There is no reason to get upset when someone steals your car or murders your friend because there is nothing intrinsically “wrong” with those acts, given the meaninglessness of the universe.

Of course, there are societal laws that make some actions illegal. The question becomes, “Why are those things wrong and other things right?” Could there be a society that calls what we call “evil” as good, and “good” as evil—and would that be okay? In a meaningless universe, why should a person have any values or goals at all? If we should, who says we should? Anyone who says we “should” do anything is implying that there is an objective standard of thinking and behavior somewhere.
If the universe has no meaning, why would people exist who are looking for it? For example, if we had no stomachs, why would we look for food? But if we seek meaning for our lives, is it possible that there is, indeed, a meaning in the universe at large. That is a reasonable assumption.
The basis of the Christian view concerning the meaning of the universe is this: God loves us and has our highest good in mind. It is from this meaning that each of us is created with certain values (Romans 1:20-32). It is because of this meaning that God has revealed the values which provide for the best possible life meaningoflifefor all people (such as the Ten Commandments). And it is because the universe has meaning that God has taken the form of the man Jesus Christ to suffer the consequence of us not living up to those values and falling short of our goals—so that we might enjoy Him forever (John 3:16-21).

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