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  1. Please add me to your email newsletter & blog post subscriptions. I’m currently reading ‘Pure Scum’ and LOVE it! I recently began pastoring a very small, near dead, gray, AG church in Winchester, IL with the condition of revitalization. Highly challenged & yet greatly blessed. Would like to use your book in a small group study. Do you offer discounts on packs of 10-15 print books? Most of my grays don’t have kindle devices so print (or a pdf I could print from) for them would be needed.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I am so sorry about this late reply! Did we communicate via e-mail? I cannot remember (or I am confusing you with someone else). Let me know if you still want to do that small group study. Contact me at mike[at]steeltoaster[dot]org. (You know what that address is supposed to look like—I do that so the “bots” out there don’t start sending me spam.)

    By fantastic mercy,


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